Cummins Onan Introduces Advanced Reliability in New Hydraulic Generator Sets

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Cummins Power Generation Inc., a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., has announced significant reliability improvements to models of its Cummins Onan brand of hydraulic generator sets and pump systems.

Cummins Onan’s new RBAB models are designed to provide advanced frequency stability and ensure compatibility with variable frequency drive (VFD) devices. The enhancements in product design—labeled Spec D—result in advanced performance and reliability benefits for customers in critical emergency scenarios, particularly for those using VFD equipment such as variable speed ventilation fans or extraction tool pumps.

“Cummins Onan hydraulic generator sets have long been the proven solution for customers in the emergency vehicle market, and we are very excited to introduce this new hydraulic product, particularly to our fire truck customers,” said Garry Enyart, director, Cummins Onan Mobile Genset Business.

The RBAB Spec D design enhancement is available for five new generator set models and 13 new dual-valve hydraulic pump models. New generator sets must be paired with new pumps. The new generator set system employs a pulse pick-up sensor and dual-valve fluid control system capable of precisely regulating generator set frequency. The new control system eliminates frequency surging and subsequent voltage fluctuations that can cause undesirable effects on scene lighting, such as those used in nighttime firefighting.

The increasing popularity of VFD equipment in emergency scenarios requires a generator set that is capable of responding to varying load requirements and allowing the equipment to operate at maximum capacity. The new hydraulic generator set’s innovative pulse pick-up sensor and digital control technology are impervious to load-based feedback and ensure VFD compatibility in all equipment types.

Tom Meissner, sales manager, Cummins NPower, was integral in the product improvement process. “During field tests, these models set new benchmarks in both consistently reliable performance and compatibility with variable frequency devices,” he said.

“As always, the Cummins Onan team is proactively listening to our customers and continuously improving our generators to add value and help ensure customer success,” Enyart added. “And in these critical emergency situations, reliable performance and compatibility with the equipment on the vehicle are paramount.”

The introduction of the pulse pick-up sensor—a digital control technology for frequency control in the generator—is the first of its kind, and its design is patent pending.

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