Cumberland County (IN) Approves New KME Pumper, Equipment for Its Fire Department

According to a report from The Crossville Chronicle, a bid of a little more than $400,000 was approved by the Cumberland County (IN) Finance Committee to purchase equipment as well as a new pumper truck for the Cumberland County Fire Department (CCFD).

NAFECO submitted the one and only bid, for $348,459, for the new KME Freightliner Pumper truck. NAFECO also submitted the low bid for the equipment: $21,468. Emergency Vehicle Specialists of Nashville also bid $21,749.98 for the loose equipment, but the bid was not submitted by the deadline.

The county had budgeted $375,000 for the fire truck and equipment purchase, leaving enough funds to also buy emergency communication radios. The committee also approved a bid for a demo unit of a Hurst “Jaws of Life” rescue tool from Municipal Emergency Services at a bid of $24,675.76.

The CCFD also needs a new air lifting bag. The committee received three bids, from between $17,965 to $21,708, with the lowest bid coming for a Homaltro product bid by Emergency Vehicle Specialists that did not meet the bid specifications. The high bid, from NAFCO, for Paratech air lifting bags, was $2,560 higher than the Vetter product bid by Municipal Emergency Services.

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