Cumberland City TN Receives Fire Apparatus

A fire engine that was surpluses by TVA has a new home in Cumberland City’s (TN) fire hall and will be used by Stewart County Fire & Rescue.

Cumberland City Mayor Gary “Whitey” Vaughn learned that the fire apparatus was listed on for sale.

He called Paul Phelan, West Tennessee Manager of Community Relations for TVA, who set things in motion. It took a while to get it all arranged, but Vaughn said it was worth the wait.

“I hope that this demonstrates our commitment to the community,” said Phelan, adding that the credit actually should go to the mayor for making the request.

However, Vaughn declined to take any credit, preferring instead to praise TVA for its ongoing assistance.

“This partnership has made things good for the communities that TVA serves,” he said.

Vaughn said that TVA had a history of helping the local communities, and around 1970 it had given Cumberland City a 1949 Ford fire engine, which is being restored. A couple of metal buildings have come the city’s way as well when their useful life on TVA property was ended.

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