Creston (IA) Taking Delivery of Fire Apparatus

Creston Fire Department (IA) will soon have a new truck by the end of the month. The new truck will replace a 25-year-old truck.

“Firefighting definitely has expanded over the last several years, and certainly in the last 25 years since the truck that we’re replacing was put in service,” said Todd Jackson, Creston fire chief. “So, we need a truck that can handle those new changes.”

Creston firefighters will drive to Appleton (WI) where the red and black fire truck is being manufactured, July 18. The next day, they will sit through a pump system training course. The system is different than what the current fire trucks have.

“This truck is geared … more for a rescue pumper,” said Jackson. “So, it’s going to carry all our rescue equipment on it. We’re going to add some more rescue equipment to it, and then, also, we’re going to be able to carry our hazardous material absorbent material on it.”

The truck will be able to hold six people in the cab, compared to two in the old truck. The seats have built-in air tanks for quicker response time. The truck will also have more storage space.

Creston Fire Department will hold several trainings with the truck, including a live burn.

The department will also host a public display 7 p.m. Aug. 6 to showcase the new fire truck.

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