Crash Rescue Delivers Navy Trucks

Three Renegade CAV-2400 Aircraft Firefighting Vehicles.
Three Renegade CAV-2400 Aircraft Firefighting Vehicles.

Crash Rescue Equipment Service Inc., based in Dallas, recently delivered three Renegade CAV-2400 Aircraft Firefighting Vehicles to the U.S. Navy. The three new trucks bring the total number delivered to the Navy to 21.

These units feature a custom PolyBilt body as well as a Darley 2-½ AGE 250-gpm pump. The chassis is a Ford F-550 4×4 model with a diesel engine and automatic transmission. The fire package consists of a 400-gallon water tank with a 50-gallon foam reservoir that are integral with the body.

The truck holds 200 pounds of dry chemical in a compartment for easy deployment and has a remote controlled bumper turret, a stored air compressed air foam system and Hydro-Chem technology for maximum firefighting capability.

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