Crab Orchard (KY) Rescue Truck Badly Damaged in Crash While Responding

Crab Orchard (KY) Fire Department Photo

A collision while responding to another motor vehicle totaled the Crab Orchard (KY) Fire Department’s rescue truck, according to an article published by The Interior Journal newspaper.

According to the newspaper report, Rescue 1, being driven by Fire Chief Larry Owsley, collided with another vehicle while responding to another collision and were overtaking a vehicle when it allegedly turned in front of the responding apparatus. There were minor injuries to the two occupants of the rescue truck as well as the driver of the other vehicle, the newspaper reported. All patients were checked and treated and released from a local hospital.

The fire chief told the newspaper he believes the truck, which is a 1997 model year with 12,000 miles, is totaled because it has a bent frame and other damage. The department is awaiting a report from the Kentucky state police and a determination from the insurance company.

The newspaper reported Crab Orchard will likely rely on help from neighbors until a replacement can be purchased.

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