CPSE Adopts NFFF Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Project

The Board of Directors for the CPSE has passed a resolution adopting the Fire Service Vulnerability

Assessment Project (VAP). Over the past decade on average, 100 firefighters die in the line of duty each year and over 80,000 have suffered injury. 

Chief Randy R. Bruegman, CPSE President stated, “The Center for Public Safety Excellence is supporting the vulnerability assessment project as a means to provide a systematic process to assist  communities in the evaluation of risk and resource capabilities, help to identify areas of vulnerability that are predictable and will lead to the reduction of deaths and injuries, as most are preventable incidents. I commend the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the U.S. Fire Administration and Honeywell International, Inc., who is underwriting this project, for their commitment and vision to such an important endeavor.”

At the end of the process, a department will have a customized report identfying areas and remedies for vulnerabilities linked to firefighter injuries and deaths. It is expected that with this tool, firefighter injuries and deaths should decline, along with building safer communities for our citizens. The CPSE invites its members and consumers to support and embrace this tool which will be valuable to them immediately and in the future.

Ronald J. Siarnicki, Executive Director of the NFFF said, “The fire service organizations who are partnering to develop the Fire Department Vulnerability Assessment tool, underwritten by Honeywell, Inc. and the United States Fire Administration, are extraordinarily proud to receive a resolution of support from the Center for Public Safety Excellence. This is a key endorsement as the CPSE has been this country’s key evaluator of fire department excellence for many years. With CPSE assistance, the developers of the Vulnerability Assessment will have a trove of data and observations upon which to draw. We are humbled and greatly appreciative for this public stamp of support. “

About The Center for Public Safety Excellence

The Center for Public Safety Excellence Inc. (CPSE) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 1996 to award accreditation to fire and emergency service agencies and to pursue scientific research and education in the public interest. In 2000 credentialing was developed to facilitate in the professional development and career planning for fire and emergency service personnel. The Center for Public Safety Excellence primary concentration is on its accreditation and credentialing models. The accreditation model identifies and maintains optimal levels of fire and emergency services for agencies.
credentialing model elevates and sustains the professional standards for those persons responsible for managing
and delivering essential fire and emergency services. The Center for Public Safety Excellence conducts workshops and publishes materials specifically designed to achieve and maintain a continuous path for quality improvement for both fire and emergency service agencies and personnel. CPSE has a consulting service to help the fire and emergency service community meet the new public expectations to achieve and measure standards of effectiveness for the cost and methods of delivering essential fire and emergency services.

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