Council Approves Purchase of Fire Apparatus for Jefferson Township Fire Department (OH)


Service/Safety Director William Sheward updated council on the fire department’s broken down ladder truck that was in Columbus for repairs, and a potential purchase opportunity to resolve the fire department’s truck issues.

Sheward told council the mechanics in Columbus determined the ladder truck had an engine problem, possibly a head problem, but they weren’t sure exactly what the problem was or how much it would cost to get it fixed.

Because the city was in limbo with the broken down ladder truck, Sheward explained that the city has an opportunity to purchase a much newer, larger, aerial platform truck to add to their fleet. He said the broken down ladder truck is only a 75 foot truck where the aerial platform truck is a 95 foot truck, a 20 foot increase over what they currently have.

Sheward informed council that the truck is owned by Jefferson Township in the Columbus area, and they are getting rid of it due to staffing reasons. He said the City of Jackson could get the truck for $425,000.

He went on to explain that the Jefferson Township Fire Department purchased the truck five years ago for $800,000, and that the same truck new today would cost about $1 million. While the truck itself is only five years old, Sheward stated the lift was older, but had been totally reconditioned.

Jackson Fire Chief David Channell was also present for the meeting to answer any questions council might have. Channell said he went to Columbus, saw the truck and actually rode in it, and feels it would provide many years of service.

When asked about whether the much larger truck would fit in a bay at the fire station, Channell said he had checked it out and it would fit in bay 4 with a one foot clearance. Channell indicated that the possibility exists down the road to expand the fire station since they own the adjacent property, but that is just a hope at this time.

As far as the funding for the aerial truck Sheward stated they could put $100,000 toward the purchase from the fire account fund, and would then borrow the remaining $325,000.

Sheward also reported that Jefferson Township was willing to bring the truck to Jackson for council to view and check out.

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