Coral Springs (FL) New Fire Apparatus Simulator Aims to Keep Drivers Safe

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 2,000 fire truck accidents occur throughout the country each and every year. But Coral Springs (FL) fire department is making sure they lower that statistic by having their firefighters train with a simulator. The Coral Springs Fire Department is sitting in the driver’s seat of a brand new fire truck simulator.

Some of those scenarios are pouring rain, which is common for South Florida, and even a plane crashing into a building.

And the Coral Springs fire department also has the first of its kind in south Florida, a mobile simulator ready to roll out and help other firefighters train.

“We have two simulators, the one here that is stationary in our facility and another that’s it a trailer that we can take out to anyone in the region in south Florida and train other departments,” Captain Mike Moser said.

“This device has been proven in other areas to help reduce crashes whether minor or severe crashes,” Moser said.

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