Copley OH Makes Fire Apparatus Payment

Copley Fire and Rescue Association (OH) presented the township trustees with a check for $16,000 — the first of five installments toward the purchase of a new fire engine.

The payment is part of a contract that outlines the terms of the $80,000 contribution. The $80,000 donation meant the difference between a basic fire truck and “the better truck” with features firefighters thought would enhance safety or efficiency, said Copley Fire Chief Michael Benson.

The donation will be applied to the lease purchase of a $525,000 Pierce Dash rescue pumper. The fire engine will be purchased through a five-year lease-purchase agreement with equal annual payments. At the end of the five-year lease period, the township can exercise a $1 buy-out option to complete the purchase, according to documents provided by Finley Fire Equipment. Benson earlier said delivery of the new truck could be expected as early as February and as late as April.

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