Concho Resources Donates Fire Apparatus to Midland (TX)

Concho Resources will give a brand new mini-pumper fire truck to the Midland Fire Department, helping to further the department’s mission of delivering an effective public safety response to residents.

The new addition to MFD’s fleet is a compact unit that’s built to take on almost any emergency, including wildfires, firefighting in close quarters such as parking garages, EMS and rescue operations.

In late 2014, Concho was made aware of the Midland Fire Department’s immediate need for such a vehicle and donated the funding needed to purchase a “mini-pumper” in December 2014. The pumper is expected to add versatility to the department’s fleet, and serve as a full-size engine during reserve maintenance.

“The mini-pumper was selected as an asset that would provide multiple advantages to our daily operations,” said Fire Chief Robert Isbell. “It will be the only low-volume/high pressure pump in our department, meaning it can extinguish residential fires quickly and with less water than a typical engine.”

“We recognize the hard work and dedication put forth by Chief Isbell and the members of the Midland Fire Department,” said Scott Kidwell, Concho’s Vice President of Government and Public Affairs. “Our community is fortunate to have incredible men and women that are devoted to keeping us safe. It is Concho’s privilege to recognize and support them in their continued selfless dedication to Midland.”

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