Community Ambulance 911 Concept Unit

This ambulance was designed entirely by the staff EMTs, paramedics, and CCT-RNs of Community Ambulance, Henderson, NV, showcasing some of the latest technologies in EMS equipment available. The focus of this vehicle was to improve the ultimate safety of our crews, patients, and the citizens of the Southern Nevada communities.

Specifications include:

  1. Mercedes Sprinter chassis – excellent fuel economy, reliable drivetrain, top rated cab crash ratings, self-correcting suspension package.
  2. AEV Trauma Hawk quality module construction exceeding all crash test ratings for ambulance bodies.
  3. Power Pro gurney features upgraded patient restraint system.
  4. Upgraded crew restraint systems that allow for patient care but protect attendant in the event of an ambulance crash.
  5. Power Pro gurney features battery-operated hydraulic lifting capability to reduce on-the-job injuries.
  6. Rotating jump seat with shoulder belt allowing for front-facing positioning.
  7. Biometric Fingerprint Narcotics Safe
  8. Built-in medication cooler
  9. M Cylinder O2 tank easy-load system / transverse placement for crash protection.
  10. Extensive LED emergency lighting technology with emphasis on intersection crossing safety (side lighting).
  11. Louder “Fire truck Q style” siren for ease of recognition.

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