Columbus (CO) Acquires Fire Apparatus


 The Columbus Volunteer Fire Department will soon take ownership of a new-to-them 1986 model fire truck this December.

The fire department saved fundraiser money for the purchase from Brenham’s fire department, which is getting newer models but not a new place to park all their vehicles. Brenham is running out of space in their garage and selling the 28-year-old fire truck to the local department became an option.

The new fire truck has a 55-foot “telesquirt” ladder, which offers a remote controlled nozzle that does not require a firefighter on the ladder to operate or aim. The water hose can be operated at the truck’s engineer panel or on the ladder.

The older model allows the CVFD to afford the capability of reaching vertical spaces on buildings or other structures that have otherwise been out of the firefighters’ reach.

The only equipment missing from the purchase will be the water hose. However, CVFD Capt. Brent Gorman was able to get 1,000 feet of large diameter hose donated from West University Fire Department, which recently purchased new water hose.

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