Collapsed Building Simulator

After eight years of development, the Guardian Mobile Collapsed Building Simulator is now a reality. No longer will first responders have to rely on theory alone. Now, they can get the real-life training they need to save lives, including their own, in this unique “school on wheels”.

The GUARDIAN is not for fighting fires, but for saving lives through intensive training that enhances individual and collective skill sets. Even the most experienced first responders will find themselves challenged by the GUARDIAN. Hindered by limited visibility, smoke and debris, encumbered by pounds of protective gear and bulky breathing apparatus, hands-on experience allows firefighters to perfect the necessary techniques in stabilizing collapsed environments, shoring up flooring, breaking through concrete and rebar, containing gas leaks and extricating victims through the confined ruins of a collapsed building.

While these techniques can be – theoretically – covered in the classroom, they cannot be mastered until they are performed in the real life simulations. Most importantly, the GUARDIAN gives first responders the opportunity to work together as a team while performing under conditions that have been referred to as being “as real as it gets.”

The unit shown was recently delivered to Rhode Island Urban Search & Rescue in Cranston, Rhode Island. These models expand the original mandate to include additional real-life scenarios through the addition of a window fescue kit with repelling wall, sewer line escape ki,t and railcar Tanker-dome-leak simulation training kit.

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