Code 3 Introduces the Banshee™ Amplifier System

Code 3®, Inc. has introduced an amplifier system that changes how warning sounds are used in emergency response. The Banshee™ amplifier system offers a selection of tones, features, and options that have never been available in one siren amp system before: three low-frequency tones, multiple dual tones and, the truest sounding electronic air horn on the market. All of this plus additional built in tones created for specific emergency and warning situations. The Banshee can work with almost any siren system already on the market and can be retrofitted to any emergency vehicle already on the road.

When setting up the Banshee, dual tones can be configured in multiple combinations. For example, dual wail, dual yelp, wail and Command Alert™, and many more. The air horn can also be selected to work with each primary tone without turning that tone off.

One advantage of the Banshee amplifier system is that low-frequency tones can be generated in conjunction with the siren currently on a department’s vehicle. Select from one of three settings: primary at ½ frequency, low-frequency wail, or low-frequency yelp. Users can also set up different run times for the low-frequency tone—anywhere from 60 seconds down to 8 seconds.

The Banshee also comes with other special tones for specific emergency situations that call for added attention. For example: Command Alert, Yelp Stop, Wail Stop, and Air Horn—all of which can be activated while the primary siren tone is still running.

The Banshee can even be an air horn system all by itself. Hook the Banshee up to a foot switch or other remote switching and create an air horn by itself or in conjunction with the air horn system on an existing siren.

The Banshee can be retrofitted to an existing vehicle or added to a new vehicle in less than an hour. It can also use the existing speakers on the vehicle for all functionality except low frequency. If low-frequency tones are needed, simply switch out one of your existing speakers with any Code 3 compact speaker that fits the application.

The Banshee is easy to set up and configure. A series of dip switches on the back make any tone, feature, or timing selection just a flip of a switch away. Another advantage of the Banshee configuration set up is that tone, functionality, and timing changes can be made while the Banshee is active, allowing users to hear and select the functions they want live and in real time. The Banshee also comes with a 5-year warranty.

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