Clinton (NJ) Seeks to Buy New Fire Apparatus

The Clinton Fire Department made a case for the purchase of a new pumper truck.

Department chief Walter Dorf and president Scott Wintermute made the case to the council to provide funding to replace a 1991 pumper truck, called engine 45-2 by the department. Estimates say the cost would be about $650,000, but Dorf and Wintermute said that is an initial cost and could be lower through the Houston-Galviston Co-Op, of which the department is a member.

The department recommends that a piece of its apparatus be replaced every seven years. That way, the three large pieces will be cycled every 21 years. The department held off on replacing engine 45-2 last year, but said it is unlikely that it will be able to do so again.

“We’ve had ongoing electrical problems with the truck as well as the pump,” Wintermute said. “In doing some research, we found out that the pump actually needs to be re-built and that’s going to cost us more than $15,000.”

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