Cleveland Fire Division Taps Buxton To Help Decrease Incidents of Fire

FORT WORTH, TX—The Cleveland, Ohio, Division of Fire has announced it will partner with Buxton to proactively identify households that are high-risk for house fires. Buxton, an analytics firm, will assist with the division’s overall fire prevention strategy.

“The Cleveland Division of Fire’s goal is ultimately to save lives and improve the quality of life in Cleveland,” says Battalion Chief Johnny Brewington. “We recognize that a more strategic approach to our fire prevention and educational outreach efforts will go much further in accomplishing this goal than focusing solely on suppression efforts.”

“We are excited that the Cleveland Division of Fire chose Buxton as their predictive analytics partner,” said Joseph Fackel, senior vice president of Buxton. “We will be able to help the Division prioritize households and neighborhoods that are at the highest level of risk based on data and predictive modeling from past incidents. This gives them a targeted approach to accomplish critical goals.”

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