Clermont FL Voting on New Fire Apparatus

Clermont (FL) city council officials will vote on the final purchase of a 2012 E-One HP 78E Max Aerial that is on hold with Halmark Fire Apparatus Corporation for $583,000.

The truck is on hold pending the approval from the city council. The truck would replace an older ladder truck, which has been in service since 2005, that would then be used as a backup.

The new truck is longer than the old truck, measuring 78-feet instead of 75-feet, a new feature dictated by updated needs as reported by firefighters.

In addition, the new truck is a pumper truck, equipped with hoses and a water tank used for fighting fires with a built in ladder that can be raised using hydraulics to assist in rescues.

David Kilbury, the Clermont Fire Department’s assistant chief of administration, said the truck in question is about $100,000 to $200,000 more than what a pumper truck or ladder truck might run on its own, but well worth it. Some pumper trucks that have no ladders also require the use of a freestanding or separate ladder.

“Its not strictly a pumper truck and not strictly a ladder truck,” Kilbury said. “It’s a pumper truck but it has outriggers that can stabilize the truck and a ladder built right into it that can be raised using hydraulics.”

The department will only have to wait about about two or three months — instead of the usual eight to 10 months wait — because the truck is currently in Indiana being used as a demo for the company which builds and sells them.

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