Clay Center (KS) Considers Plan to Replace Fire Apparatus

The Clay Center Public Safety Committee discussed a proposal to space out fire trucks so they’ll be replaced on an eight-year cycle.

Currently, the department has two 1994 trucks and one 1996 truck, including the department’s aerial truck.

Fire Chief Johnny Inhen has proposed to replace one of those trucks with a 2008 truck and start the cycle with new engines in 2021.

The city sets aside $50,000 a year toward fire trucks and has about $125,000 set aside.

New, a pumper truck costs about $300,000, and an aerial, about $550,000. A used pumper truck built in 2008 costs about $150,000.

The trucks should be replaced every 25 years. The last time the city replaced a 28-year-old truck was “too long” because they only received $3,000 on the trade-in he said.

Even with a trade-in on one of the trucks, there isn’t quite enough money to purchase one of the 2008 pumper trucks Ihnen has looked at.

Several city council members, including Jake Young, said it was a good idea to get into that kind of rotation.

Mayor Jimmy Thatcher suggested the fire department wait until later in the year and not deplete its reserve funds early in the year. He said they could look at again in September.

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