Clarksville (IN) Fire Department Donates Fire Apparatus to School

The Clarksville Fire Department donated a 1982 pumper engine that is still operational to the Charles Allen Prosser School of Technology.

It’s the program’s third truck, but “by far” the best, according to  Kent Monohan. The 1985 engine the class used last year sat out in the weather all year and is not in the best of shape.

“There is nothing like learning on real equipment. It gives them real-world experience,” he said.

This is not the first time CFD has made a donation to the Prosser fire rescue class. In the past, it donated rescue equipment, which included the Jaws of Life.

Monohan, a 30-year firefighter who is retired, said without donations, it would be difficult for Prosser to obtain these training tools. He said it costs about $2,700 to fit each student with proper equipment.

“My goal is to make them hirable, with the minimum certification, to work for any fire department or volunteer fire department in the country,” he said. 

The new truck will allow students to drive up to a simulated smoking building, pull ladders and hoses off the truck and prepare to fight the fire. 

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