CINTEC Has Portable Water Storage Unit

The CINTEC Hexagon Water Dam
The CINTEC Hexagon Water Dam

CINTEC America has created an inflatable portable water storage device called the Hexagon Water Dam. It is available in a variety of sizes.

It provides rapid extra water storage for firefighting appliances where a main water supply is unavailable, according to Robert Lloyd-Rees, the company’s chief operating officer in North America. The unit was developed to support the needs of the firefighters in South Wales, he said.

The dam comes flat-packed in its own valise and is inflated using air pumps or a compressed air supply. The unit is built to accommodate uneven ground and gentle slopes, suiting it to remote areas, Lloyd-Rees said.

CINTEC is a registered contractor with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. For information, call 1-800-363-6066 or go to

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