Chippewa Falls (WI) Firefighters Train on New Fire Apparatus

A $900,000 fire truck arrived in Chippewa Falls at the end of February. Last week, each of the three shifts in the city’s Fire Department practiced on the new equipment, learning the specifics of how it works and preparing for various firefighting situations.

The ladder can extend up to 100 feet in all directions, including downward, meaning it could theoretically be used on a shoreline for a river rescue.

The new truck’s ladder can be fully extended much more quickly than was possible with the 1981 snorkel truck the city has used for that purpose. That machine was sold to the Bloomer Fire Department.

The truck was manufactured by Pierce Fire Apparatus in Appleton, and it has a Darley pump that can shoot 1,500 gallons per minute.

The truck is 47½ feet long, nearly 12 feet tall, and weighs 41 tons. It seats four firefighters, has a 65-gallon diesel fuel tank, and has an onboard water tank that can contain 321 gallons.

Chippewa Falls Battalion Chief Lee Douglas said he was glad the department had the opportunity to practice with the new truck.

“We’ve got a lot of training to do to be proficient with it,” Douglas said. “We want guys to be comfortable with the truck. We’re very fortunate the city saw the need for this truck. This isn’t a two-year thing. It will serve the city for many years to come.”

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