Chippewa Falls WI Fire Department Adds Fire Apparatus

The Chippewa Falls Fire Department has added a new truck to its fleet.

The City of Chippewa falls voted to purchase its new 2013 Pierce ladder truck for nearly a million dollars last year.

“The technology is more advanced with the truck itself it has a larger water tank,” Chippewa Falls firefighter Paul Jerrett said.

The 1981 Snorkel Truck served its purpose battling one of the worst fire’s the city of Chippewa Falls has seen in a decade when a fire broke out in an apartment building in 2012. Mayor Greg Hoffman says the Spring Street fire was a key factor in the decision to purchase the new truck.

“I think that helped us to realize that you can only hold things together so long. I would say when we had that fire it wasn’t that the equipment didn’t function well but I think we have to be prepared for the future,” Mayor Hoffman explained.

As for the old ladder truck, it will still be put to good use in the future. The City of Bloomer has agreed to purchase it from the City of Chippewa falls for more than $17-thousand dollars.

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