Chicago (IL) Fire Department Orders Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus

WYOMING, MN—Rosenbauer has received a five year contract from the Chicago (IL) Fire Department (CFD) for fire apparatus to replace the department’s two-piece squad companies. The initial order consists of two Rosenbauer 55-foot Articulating Cobra Platforms (ACP-55) and two Rosenbauer walk-in rescues. Both apparatus will be built on Rosenbauer’s Commander chassis.

“Rosenbauer is honored to serve the Chicago Fire Department. We are pleased that the CFD has chosen the Commander chassis for the squad companies and feel it will be a great fit for them,” says Harold Boer, president of Rosenbauer America. “We value the trust placed in Rosenbauer by the second largest fire department in the United States, and we are looking forward to growing our relationship with the CFD.”

The ACP-55s will be built on the Rosenbauer Commander chassis featuring a long two-door cab with flat roof. The chassis will include seating for two and a large transverse compartment in the rear of the cab. Rosenbauer’s heavy-duty 3/16-inch EXT extruded aluminum body carrying a lifetime transferable warranty will provide the framework for more than 400 cubic feet of compartment space. The ACP-55 includes a 750-pound tip load and has rated flows up to 1,250 gpm. Features of the ACP-55 include Rosenbauer’s Smart Aerial technology that enhances the safety and performance of the aerial; Soft-Touch controls, which ensure smooth aerial operations; and a hot dipped galvanized torque box and outriggers, which carry a 25-year corrosion warranty.

The walk-in rescues, which make up the second piece of the squad companies, will be built on the Rosenbauer Commander chassis with a 60-inch cab and a 24-inch raised roof and include seating for six. The 18-foot rescue body will also be constructed using the heavy-duty EXT body and will include in excess of 600 cubic feet of compartment space.

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