Chicago (IL) Fire Department ARFF Training

Photographer Steve Redick was on scene at aircraft fire and rescue firefighting (ARFF) training with the Chicago (IL) Fire Department.

From Redick, “I was lucky enough to get a great opportunity to observe some extensive burn pit training evolutions last week. The facility is top notch and state of the art. The schedule that day cycled almost every on-field company through the facility, so I was able to get some great action shots of each crash rig. It was really something to watch the Snozzles go through their paces as well as the two newest rigs: 654 and 658. I also captured some video that gives an idea of the complexity of the simulator in operation. We were treated to some ‘fire tornadoes’ as well, which I understand are commonplace, but they sure were interesting to see first hand.”

His full collection of photos from the event can be seen at:


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