Cherokee County (OK) Has Fire Apparatus and Equipment Stolen from Fire Station

A fire truck, loaded with equipment, has been stolen from Cherokee County (OK).

“Whenever this truck was taken, it wasn’t taken from me personally. It was taken from the community,” said Lowry Fire Department Chief, Larry Watts.

A Cherokee County deputy on a separate call, noticed the garage door open just after midnight Monday morning, and determined firefighters weren’t out on a call.

The department covers 50 square miles in North Central Cherokee County. They have a couple of other grass rigs, but Watts fears being down a truck, could delay response time.

“A lot of times we can get there and the first truck there may be able to get it out, but if that doesn’t happen then we’re there for hours after hours, trying to contain it,” he said.

The truck is insured for $40,000, but it will cost much more than that to replace, especially when including the stolen equipment.

If anyone spots the missing fire truck, it’s a Ford F-350, call the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office at 918-456-2583.

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