Cherokee County GA Celebrates Arrival of Fire Apparatus

Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services held a “wet-down” ceremony May 20 at the Cherokee County administrative offices for three new fire engines.

The new fire engines were delivered on March 31 and will be put into service in a couple of weeks.  According to Lt. Robbie Kennedy, a member of the Fire Apparatus Committee, the new trucks are E-One Typhoons that hold 1,000 gallons of water each. The new engines also have the most advanced braking and steering components available making them the safest trucks in the fleet, Kennedy said. All of the trucks are equipped with vehicle data recording systems.

Cherokee County Fire Chief Tim Prather thanked the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners for its help in purchasing the engines.  

Prior to the ceremony, Assistant Fire Chief Eddie Robinson spoke about the history behind wetting down new fire engines.  The tradition of wetting down the truck dates back to the horse-drawn pumper days, when horses were wet down to cool them off after a fire. A wet-down ceremony is a celebration in which the fire department will share in the joy of a new fire engine or truck by wetting it down before it goes into service. The engine is a firefighter’s lifeline; this is why great care is given to its maintenance and appearance.

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