Chelsea Products, Announces the Release of Its Shaft Brake Option

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. – Chelsea Products, a division of Parker Hannifin, announces the release of its patent pending shaft brake option for the popular 277 and 278 Powershift Series ptos.

Adding to the versatility of both series, Chelsea’s self-adjusting shaft brake option delivers a hassle-free user experience while completely eliminating driveshaft rotation when the pto is disengaged, which can lead to pump burnout, according to the maker.

Chelsea Products says its shaft brake is the only product that can be put on a pto and forgotten, never needing adjustment again. The addition of the shaft brake (output option BA) to the 277/278 Series completes Chelsea’s family of ptos designed to provide full coverage on all transmissions used in the product transfer market.

Timed to be released with the shaft brake option, the 277 Series PTO will also come standard with an enhanced housing design that allows for better fitment.

This sculpted new housing will help eliminate clearance issues created by setback axle hanger brackets and other chassis components.

In addition to the clearance gained by the new sculpted housing, the 277 Series now features removal of the external lube tube which further allows the pto to fit where others cannot.

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