Chateaugay-Brainardsville (NY) Fire Commissioner Resigns Over Apparatus Purchase

Chateaugay (NY) Fire Company/Facebook Photo

A commissioner with the Chateaugay-Brainardsville (NY) Fire Commission has resigned over a dispute on whether to purchase a new fire truck, according to a report published by The Malone Telegram.

The newspaper reported the resignation stems from financing disagreements and disputes involving a decision about buying a new fire truck. Those who support the purchase say they useful life span of 30 years for an apparatus has been reached and to keep it around any longer, would cost the department and the district taxpayers more money, the paper added.

Voters approved the purchase on September 7 and the commissioner tendered his resignation the day the referendum passed, according to the newspaper. His view, according to the paper, was hold on to the money the district had and adjust spending to avoid any large expenses.

The remaining commissioners have filled the vacancy and that person plans to run for the post in November, the paper reported.

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