Champaign (IL) Fire Apparatus and Car Collide

Emergency responders got into an accident as it collided with a car at the corner of Randolph and University. 

Authorities won’t say if the engine was responding to a call at the time. No one was hurt, but officials remind everyone to use caution when sharing the road with emergency vehicles. When you hear the sound of sirens, or see those flashing lights, pull over. 

“You’ll want to check your mirrors, put your turn signal on and go ahead and pull over to the right.” 

The basic rule learned in drivers ed may seen harder to follow nowadays with distractions like cellphones and the radio, but Fire Marshal John Koller says to remember someone’s life may be on the line. 

“It does have an impact on the response if people aren’t paying attention and able to get out of the way properly.” 

“We have lights that we have specifically designed to hit mirror points in vehicles and things like that.” 

Fire engines are actually most likely to be struck when they’re parked at the scene of an incident. That’s why they’re painted with reflective strips to make them more visible to driers. 

Illinois state law states you must pull to the right side of the road to allow emergency vehicles to pass, even if it’s not in your lane. If you’re waiting at an intersection with two-way traffic, you should remain stopped until the vehicle goes around you.

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