Cedar Rapids (IA) Fire Department Adds Stick Ladder Truck to Its Fleet

Photo courtesy of the Cedar Rapids (IA) Fire Department's Facebook page.

According to a report from KHAK, the Cedar Rapids (IA) Fire Department (CRFD) announced on Monday that they are conducting their final inspection of a new addition to the city’s fleet of fire-fighting equipment: A 107-foot Pierce Ascendant stick ladder truck.

The new ladder truck will be assigned to Station 7 (L7 on side of the vehicle), one of three fire stations on Cedar Rapids’ northeast side. Built in 1999, according to the city Web site, it’s located at 206 29th Street NE. The city features nine fire stations.

According to CRFD Assistant Chief Andy Olesen, the CRFD will have 18 apparatus with the new addition. He continued, noting that 11 of their 18 apparatus are in front-line service each day. This also includes eight engines, two ladders (with Ladder 7), and one rescue. The other seven apparatus are used by the CRFD while others undergo maintenance, when there’s a high volume of calls, or for training.

When Ladder 7 arrives, the CRFD will have four reserve engines, one reserve rescue, and two reserve ladder trucks.

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