Cascade Township (MI) Donate Fire Apparatus to Ohio Fire Department

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In early May, Ohio’s Florence Township’s Fire Department had a majority of its equipment destroyed in a massive fire.

But thanks to the help of firefighters in Cascade Township in Michigan, the fire department now has a new fire truck.

The fire truck made a 146 mile-long trip to its new home where it was paraded through the town with the help of the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club, an international club for firefighters.

Jay Klingler, the fire department’s chief says that the brotherhood of other firefighters came through for him and his town.

“About two weeks ago up there they replaced it with a new truck. You know, they could of sold it for money, they decided that we needed it worse than they needed the money and that’s what we do, we just help each other out. It’s not just this department that’s helped us, it’s every fire department that’s been in touch with us, given us assistance, somehow,” said Klingler.

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