Casa Grande (AZ) to Receive New Pumper

With a new $652,528 pumper on the way to the Casa Grande Fire Department, an older truck that’s frequently out of service for repairs will be retired.

A 2001 pumper was in the repair shop for 75 days last year, accruing a bill of $174,106.

Fire Chief Scott Miller said the department needs a reliable and trustworthy pumper.

“Moving this unit out of operation and trading it in will help reduce our maintenance costs and down time,” he told the City Council.

The new pumper will feature a heavy-duty custom chassis and be equipped to carry 1,000 feet of supply line and 750 gallons of water and pump at 1,500 gallons per minute. 

It will also have a compressed air foam system and hydraulic ladder, Miller said.

It will take nearly a year to build and deliver the new vehicle. The bill will be paid up-front, saving the city about $33,600.

Upfit of radios and striping for the vehicle will be included in next year’s budget, Miller said.

The council also approved a $74,498 upgrade to a new alert notification system at Fire Stations 501, 502 and 503. Station 504 already uses the upgraded system.

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