Carrollton (GA) Approves Purchase of Three New Fire Apparatus

The Carrollton City Council approved the purchase of three new pumper fire trucks to replace three aging ones currently in service.

The council voted unanimously to buy the three trucks from Sutphen Corporation, the lowest of two bids, for $1,428,070.55.

City Manager Casey Coleman said the trucks would be purchased from proceeds due to come in on the 1-cent special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) that Carroll County voters approved last year.

Coleman said it will take from nine months to a year for the trucks to be ready for use. He said they will replace three American LaFrance fire trucks that were purchased in 2003.

“Those trucks have never been satisfactory,” Coleman told the council. “They have been a maintenance nightmare, constantly breaking down, and are just plain unreliable.”

He said American LaFrance is no longer in business and parts are very difficult to find and exceptionally expensive when they are located.

The only other bid received was from Pierce Arrow, at a cost of $1,499,985. Coleman said both trucks are excellent vehicles, but added that he and Fire Chief Jimmy Bearden are both satisfied with the vehicle of the lowest bidder, Sutphen.

Coleman suggested that the city sell the three old American LaFrance trucks once the new ones are received and put into service. However, he warned that the “word is out” about the company being out of business and the cost of maintenance.

“Hopefully, some fire department, probably a volunteer department, will be interested,” he said.

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