Carlisle (DE) Fire Company Puts into Service New Ladder, Ambulance

Tower 42. All photos via CFC's Facebook page.

Carlisle (DE) Fire Company (CFC) recently put into service a new ambulance and a new ladder truck, reports

The old ladder—purchased in 1992—was a Simon Duplex LTI 110-foot truck, known as Ladder 42. When the ladder and bucket were in use there needed to be someone on the ground directing them—making it a two-man operation. The new apparatus allows for one firefighter to direct the ladder from the bucket.

The new ladder truck, Tower 42, cost CFC $1.4 million, and they have listed the former ladder for sale.

And as the new hospital is now located south of Milford, CFC ambulances are running about six additional miles for each run. In addition, the new assisted living facility at Milford Wellness Village has increased ambulance runs as well.

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