Cape Coral (FL) Approves New Fire Equipment

With the fire service assessment approved, the city has set into motion the purchase of fire equipment and other capital needs the Cape has.

During Monday’s regular meeting City Hall, City Council unanimously approved the purchase of nearly $1.5 million in fire apparatus, vehicles and other equipment.

The fire department is requesting a new fire truck, which will cost more than half that total, a custom chassis and two smaller customized pickup trucks.

It also seeks fitness equipment, ventilation fans, manikins, generators, a power saw and blades, thermal imaging cameras, radios and a hydraulic rescue, among other things.

The items will be paid for through money collected from the FSA, which was finally approved by the state Supreme Court last month after nearly two years in the court system.

The council was also introduced to a measure that would authorize the issuance of debt obligations of $7 million to finance and purchase new equipment and vehicles. The public hearing date will be July 20.

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