Cape Coral Department Wants Green Lights

The Cape Coral Fire Department wants the city’s support in asking for a $525,000 Department of Homeland Security Grant to buy an Opticom pre-emption device. The city would be responsible for 20 percent of the grant.

When lights and sirens are on, “This device would anticipate the arrival of the fire truck based on its forward speed and it would change the traffic signal to green,” said Cape Coral Fire Chief Tom Tomich. “We would put in place on 22 frontline fire apparatus and signalize 49 intersections in the city,” he said.

The Iona-Mgcregor and South Trail Fire Departments already have the system in place. “Since we’ve had the Opticom system we have not had one traffic accident involving one of our fire apparatuses at an intersection,” said South Trail Fire Chief William Lombardo.

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