Canton CT Proposes Fire Apparatus Purchase

Canton (CT) officials are proposing the purchase of two new trucks for the fire department, at a cost of nearly $900,000. The purchase needs the approval next of the board of finance and then at a special town meeting.

The fire department had originally planned on replacing just one truck that needs an ever-increasing amount of maintenance and has been out of service for several weeks because of mechanical problems. But during the meeting, department officials said another truck is starting to have problems too. “We feel strongly that replacing these two trucks is the way to go,” department Deputy Chief Craig Robbins told the board.

Officials had also hoped to get a large discount on each truck by purchasing two at once. But they are disappointed to learn that they are only saving $17,000.

The town has put money in its capital improvement budget each year to save up funds to buy trucks and there is enough money in that account to purchase one truck. Buying a second truck requires taking $275,000 from the town’s undesignated fund balance. Although they approved that measure, selectmen said that they were uneasy dipping into that fund.

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