Canadian Fire Apparatus Pushes Parked Police Cars at Fire Scene

A fire truck push several parked police cars out of its way so it could reach a fire in Canada.

With a building ablaze in the old part of Montreal, the fire truck driver was left with no option but to nudge the other vehicles out of its way so it could get to the fire.

While the Montreal police cruisers got off fairly lightly with the squad car sliding harmlessly into another parked police 4WD the owner of a black BMW was less fortunate. The entire front end of the luxury car was crushed.

When questioned about their extraordinarily forceful tactic they employed to reach the fire, a spokesman for the Montreal fire service said the situation was “unique.”

“There were exceptional circumstances: a major fire in a seven-story building, the narrow streets of Old Montreal…With large vehicles, it becomes difficult to manoeuvre,” Assistant Director of Operations Denis Doucet told TVA Nouvelles.

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