Canada’s Killarney-Turtle Mountain Fire Department Seeks New Brush Truck

The Manitoba department is seeking a conditional grant from the province for close to $145,000.

According to a report from Discover Westman, the Killarney-Turtle Mountain Fire Department (KTMFD) in Manitoba, Canada, may soon gets its much desired brush truck from a conditional grant from the province for close to $145,000.

Chief Administrative Officer Karen Patterson said the municipality looked at all the KTMFD’s needs when it was applying for the Fire Protection Grant through the Manitoba Government. The brush truck was at the top of the list.

The municipality is also looking at upgrading their 1969 water tanker sometime in the future. Patterson said the new brush truck will complement the new water truck in fighting grass fires once they’re both purchased.

At the time of the grant application, the new truck was approximately just under the $145,000. However, Patterson said that, in the time since the pre-Christmas quote, prices have risen, so the municipality may come up short. The municipality is expecting the new truck to be purchased within the next few weeks, hopefully by the end of March.

A total of $5 Million of eligible funding was awarded by the Province of Manitoba through the Fire Protection Grant. However, the province also received $18 million in applications. As a result, not all grant applications will receive funding.

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