Campville (NY) Residents React to Plans for New Fire Station

The town and village of Owego are splitting their fire services, and the result will require a new Campville fire station.

The village of Owego currently provides fire and emergency response to certain areas of the town of Owego, but town officials have decided to end that contract. The town has partnered with the Campville Fire Department, a non-profit organization funded by the Town of Owego Fire District, to serve that reclaimed territory.

Currently, Campville firefighters operate out of two stations: One on Rt. 17C in the Campville area, and the other off Gaskill Road in Owego.

In order to accommodate their new coverage area, Campville Fire will need more hands, more equipment, and more resources, according to officials. Hence the need for a new fire house.

The projected location is on Route 38B in Owego, near the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office. The facility will include four bays, a kitchen and a meeting room that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Officials said it’s a move that will better serve taxpayers in the long run, but some say the system is fine just the way it is.

“They’re gonna have to build another fire station, staff it with trucks, staff it with manpower,” said Eric Johnson, a resident and business owner in the town of Owego. “That just means more to the taxpayer.”

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