Calloway (KY) Fire Apparatus Falls Into Sinkhole

A Calloway County Fire-Rescue tanker truck fell into a sinkhole near the Hihburger Inn restaurant Saturday morning. 

No one was injured, but officials say it was a jarring experience for the passengers.

Calloway County Fire-Rescue Chief Tommy Morgan said a crew of firefighters were on their way back to Murray after a 5 a.m. call. 

They were driving what they call Tanker 1 — the department’s largest structure truck. When the driver pulled into the Hihburger parking lot, the pavement and earth around the tires fell in around it, making for a hard, fast landing for the truck and punctured tires. No one was injured.

“The poor guy driving didn’t know what happened,” Morgan said. “He called me and didn’t know what to say.”

Murray Road Superintendent Ron Allbritten said the fall was likely caused by decades of stress over a private storm drain. He said it didn’t appear to be a washed out culvert caused by recent rains. Either way, he said, it will be the property owner’s responsibility to repair.

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