Caledonia NY Not Getting New Fire Apparatus

The voters in the Caledonia Fire District (NY) rejected a proposal that would have allowed the fire commissioners to use $750,000 in reserve funds to purchase a new “quint” ladder truck. Voters rejected the purchase by a vote of 170 to 91.

The proposal included authorizing the district to sell the existing 1996 pumper, which was expected to bring in about $50,000.

The Caledonia Fire Commissioners held a public hearing to give residents the details of the purchase, including that it would be paid for entirely in cash by use of the two reserve accounts that the district has been putting money in each year.

A fire official believes the price tag scared voters and information that had been circulating telling people that a quint fire truck would not be useful in the village. He says they demonstrated the appropriate use of the quint in the village several times by borrowing the truck from neighboring fire departments.

“Despite our extreme disappointment, the fire department still has a job to do and we will do it. We tried to do something to make it safer to do our job.”

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