Caledonia NY Needs New Apparatus

A resident of Caledonia (NY) writes that the Caledonia Fire District does need a new aerial ladder fire truck.

The resident writes that three of the five local aerial ladder fire trucks are located out of the county and that this adds response time. The resident writes “dispatching mutual aid from other counties requires a request from the scene to the dispatcher, dispatcher to the other county and then finally from the other county to the mutual aid fire department.”

The resident argues that as volunteer fire departments are decreasing in manpower that it makes it more vital to become self-sufficient instead of depending on the response of mutual aid.

The aerial ladder fire truck is a key component in saving the livelihood of our local farmers if and when an emergency arises. The truck would be able to reach large grain bins and barns that might not otherwise be reached.

The new truck will be paid for using reserve funds which means the district does not have to bond this fire truck or raise taxes. There is a balance of approximately $200,000 on a bond which was taken out in 2008.

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