Caernarvon (PA) Seeks Help to Purchase Fire Apparatus

The Caernarvon Fire Company is seeking extra help from Caernarvon Township residents and the township general fund to help pay for a new fire truck priced at $638,000.

Without extra contributions, the cost of the truck “doesn’t leave us anything in the rainy day fund,” fire company president Anthony Martin told Caernarvon Township supervisors at their board meeting on Feb. 17.

Martin said the new truck will actually be a combination of a fire engine and an emergency squad vehicle, replacing two aging trucks in the lineup.

The township supervisors unanimously approved giving $100,000 toward purchasing the truck, plus matching funds that come in from businesses and residents.

The township contribution will allow the fire company to receive a $20,000 discount for paying up front for the truck, which will be built at Pierce Manufacturing headquarters in Appleton (WI). The $638,000 cost includes the discount, plus a $30,000 fee for mounting equipment on the truck.

Residents will be notified in the fire company’s next fund drive mailing about the truck purchase and the need for extra funds.

The company hopes to have the truck by the end of the year to replace the company’s current 1998 fire engine and 1999 squad vehicle.

Martin said the 1998 engine will go up for sale at an asking price of $130,000 after the new truck arrives and is ready to go.

Martin said the new truck will be equipped with a foam system and 750 gallons of water holding capacity, which is 250 gallons less than the current truck. But the foam technology allows firefighting with “half the water,” he said.

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