Bullhead City Fire Department (AZ) Considers Allowing Ads

The Bullhead City Fire Department could soon have advertisements on its engines.

The fire district’s governing board heard a proposal Tuesday afternoon from department officials on a proposition that other Arizona agencies have seen as a new source of income.

Fire Chief Rick Southey said one department has signed a deal with a hospital that generates about $90,000 a year. The money could be used to fund existing or expanded programs or reinstate programs that have fallen by the wayside because of budget cuts.

Over the last couple of years, Southey said, the BCHFD has scaled back its public safety education program to the point that it no longer has anyone working full-time in that area.

Fire Marshal Jim Dykens said the department would consider ads on a side compartment door near the back of the engine. He said the ads would be tasteful and advertisers would be limited to hospitals or businesses in fields related to fire service or emergency response.

Also, he said, the ads would come up for board approval.

A company that specializes in uniting fire departments and advertisers estimated that the BHCFD could garner about $1,000 per vehicle per month, Dykens said.

Board Chairman David Cummings said he’s confident that department officials will make sure any ad campaign meets high standards.

“I don’t think the (fire truck) will end up looking like a race car,” he said, “with the captains wearing a jumpsuit.”

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