Building New Relationships and Keeping Existing Ones Fresh

Waterous is one of approximately 100 American companies exhibiting at Interschutz. American companies come here for a variety of reasons. Some introduce new products specifically geared toward the European market while others make new international introductions. Waterous considers Interschutz to be an important show, but not for product introductions. “Interschutz is important to waterous because it’s a unique place where we can meet all of our current customers,” says Mark Severin, marketing and communications manager at Waterous. “Rather than having to travel to each one of them individually we get to have them all come here. So, it’s kind of a meeting place for us.

On why many American companies decide to go global, Severin offers this example: “In the U.S. market, you have a finite number of trucks. You know that, so you know your market share and you know what that is. Whereas if you want to grow your company, international is the way to go to introduce your products to different nations and countries, get them interested, and establish relationships with them.”

Perhaps most important is that Interschutz is about relationships. “Waterous’s philosophy is, we’re here. We know who our customers are; we know who wants to look at Waterous. So, it’s good for relationship building and keeping our existing relationships fresh.”

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