Bryn Mawr (PA) New Fire Apparatus has High-Tech Safety Features

Bryn Mawr Fire Company received its newest rescue pumper this week. It’s a green truck just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. But what makes this truck unique is not the color but the high tech safety features it comes equipped with. The 47,000-pound truck includes airbags for all crew members, a 360-degree camera visibility system to allow the operator to monitor all directions on a screen in the cab, as well as low-energy but high-intensity LED warning lights. Perhaps, the most important high tech feature is an accident avoidance system.

Fire Chief Dan Kincade said that as the truck moves the accident avoidance system will sense obstacles in its path. If the driver does not react to the approaching obstacle a warning alarm will alert the driver. If the driver does not react the system will begin to reduce the speed of the truck. When the driver does react the system will return to monitoring.

The truck was built by E-One in Ocola (FL) and is being lettered in the station. It will be driven out to Indianapolis for FDIC 2014.

A second twin pumper will join the fleet in about a month. The fire company is replacing two 2005 E-One trucks, one of which has been sold to Mount Pleasant Fire Company in Western Pennsylvania, the other is still for sale.

The cost of the new trucks are $650,000 for the rescue pumper and $515,000 for the pumper, of which Lower Merion Township is paying 39.5 percent and the fire company the rest.

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