Brunswick (OH) Council Considers Fire Station Improvements

A June 2014 report by the Wright-Pierce firm identified a number of problems with an Emerson fire station’s heating and ventilation systems.

But a follow-up inspection by Brunswick-based Ouellet and Associates, the firm that designed the building, found that many of the problems identified by the department were due to changes in the technical settings governing air and water flow in the building, rather than design flaws.

A second Wright-Pierce report released last month acknowledged that many of the issues were the result of settings that had been changed since the building was constructed in 2006 and the new proposed systems were enhancements, rather than repairs.

At the council meeting Monday, Mike Ouellet, president of the contracting company,  said most of the problems could be addressed simply by returning the building to its original settings.

Some of the enhancements proposed by Wright-Pierce, like a system of thermostats for different living quarters in the building, were also included in the original building design, but were removed by the town because of budget considerations, Ouellet told the board.

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