Brookhaven (MS) Fire Department Getting Turnout Gear Washer and Dryer

The Brookhaven (MS) Board of Aldermen recently approved $18,805 for the purchase of a turnout gear washer extractor and drying cabinet for the city’s fire department, reports The apparatus will be located at the department’s Station 2 on North First Street and available for use by every station.

The cost was the lowest bid of the two submitted, and it came from Pellerin Laundry Machinery.

The machines are made specifically to remove carcinogens from the gear, which can absorb smoke, soot, fire suppression foam, and other materials during use.

The washer not only cleans the gear but also eliminates the hazardous materials that would otherwise become trapped in a typical washing machine.

The dryer is a standing cabinet where the turnouts will be hung to dry, rather than a tumble-style clothes dryer.

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